InvestAGrand is an Intermediary Funding Portal that represents and promotes Issuers of Private Securities.

Invest a Grand was designed as a Funding Portal for Crowd Fund Investing for small companies seeking up to $1,000,000. Our concept is simple: 1,000 people invest $1,000 each = $1,000,000!

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Supporting Emerging Markets

Growth is supported through innovation and sufficient capital resources. At Invest A Grand, we identify those organizations that are positively disrupting the current business climate in their respective industries, and ensure they have those needed resources to supported their expedited growth.


Creating the Collaboration

In discovering new opportunities, we find that bringing the communication amongst complimentary product and service providers is a natural next step. Our breath of industry participation has enabled us to do so in an unprecedented way, fueling collaboration and business development. We accomplish this through the Blue Moon Consortium and Blue Moon Advisors.


Investment Opportunities

Invest A Grand was developed specifically to bring unique opportunities to the forefront of the crowd funding marketplace. The collective experience of our investment partners allows us a unique position for more thorough due diligence and vetting than other crowd funding portals.